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Replacing Rear Car Windows

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Replacing a rear car window can be costly, because you need to purchase the window and any necessary tools for the task. Late modeled cars allow easier window replacement because new adhesives used to secure the window.

Caulking the window opening with a caulking gun and using sticky adhesive are the two primary ways to secure glass to the car. You will need to remove the old caulking from the window frame to install the new rear window. This will take a few tools and materials to replace the car window.

Removing the Rear Car Window

Cut through the entire perimeter of the caulking that secures the rear window with a one-sided razor blade or windshield knife. Work at a slow and steady pace. You may want to wear gloves to prevent injury. Begin cutting at the bottom with the knife point facing up and away from the glass to prevent damage to the car's exterior, according to Canadian Driver.

Unscrew the bolts with a wrench from the outside. Lift out the supporting brackets. Climb inside the car and and firmly tap the rear window with your fingers to loosen it from the seal. Go to the outside of the car and carefully lift the window out. You may need another person to assist you.

Wipe the window opening clean with a commercial cleaner and a cloth. Remove all of the sticky window adhesive.

Installing the New Rear Window

Add the seal to the new rear window for additional security. Use a caulk gun to add a thin line of urethane caulk along the inside frame of the space where the window will go. Peel off the sticky adhesive from around the edges of the car for additional security. Lift up the rear window, with the help of an assistant, and set it onto the caulk. Apply firm pressure on the bottom and top layer of the window, so it sticks in the caulk.

Set the bracket back in place and evenly align the clips that are attached to the glass to keep aligned. Tighten the bracket bolts with your fingers and use a wrench to tighten if necessary. Replace the weatherstripping and barrier sheet.

Wait for the caulk in the rear window to dry for 24 hours before moving the vehicle to ensure the window is secured in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor blade or windshield knife
  • Commercial cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Caulk gun
  • Urethane caulk
  • Wrench
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