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Kenwood DPX502BT Review

Awesome Double-Din Stereo !!!

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Kenwood products are good and it is releasing every day, but some of the particular models come with additional features and then more facilities. One of the best-performed models is Kenwood DPX502BT. This stereo receiver gives the better performance, and it works really well. It offers long-lasting durability.

Here, we discuss the product information and then features of this Kenwood stereo receiver they are following under

Features of Kenwood DPX502BT

This is one of the best models in Kenwood stereo receiver. You can benefit a lot while using this product. You can able to connect your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity is wireless. This receiver contains the four channels and each of the channels takes 50 watts of power.

1. Remote control
One of the main advantages of this stereo receiver is it comes with a remote control so you can easily access this receiver in your car and then the operation of this receiver are very clear so you no need to confused to operate this double din stereo receiver.

2. Lightweight design
With the help of AUX connections and USB cable, you can easily connect to your smartphones or MP3 players. The weight of this product is four pounds, so it is very comfortable to use. It does not require more space so you can easily fit this stereo receiver in your car.

3.Good performance
Even, you can use CD player with this receiver. It contains the playback option. The files that support with this receiver are MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC. And, the receiver, which supports the devices are Android and then iPod so you can enjoy with your smart phones or any other devices while listening music.


As I said before, this is one of the best products in the market and it is more convenient to use. Finally, it satisfies the customer needs so this product keeps the first place in the market.

Other Reviews

Gregory K. - Needed a Double-Din receiver with blue tooth to replace the factory unit in my 2001 Tundra. My 2 main requirements were: Blue tooth for hands free calling and streaming MP3's via USB flash drive. This unit had both and was a great price as well. Installation in my vehicle was pretty basic, but it's still a good idea to look for video in YouTube for additional details. My biggest issue was blue tooth compatibility with my phone running Android 6.0.1. The wife's iphone 6 worked perfect. Apparently there are PBAP issues with Android that caused my phone book to have incorrect #s. I installed Android app (Bluetooth Phonebook) to get around the problem until Android makes changes to their OS. This unit is full of features and can be setup per your preferences. Radio signal is great and sound is clean. This unit will allow you to connect 2 phones simultaneously to blue tooth. Recommend to buy a wiring harness for your particular vehicle to make wiring simple.

Ralph aiu - Great double din deck and for what I paid couldn't ask for anything more. Easy to use and sets up quick. Took less than an hour to install. This went into a 2005 Subaru legacy.

David - Big improvement to the old radio in my Xterra. the Tuner is much better, the sound quality is great. I am really happy that the bluetooth work really good for phone calls and streaming music from my phone. I am very happy I put this into my truck. Note: I set the display to custom for all zones and set the RGB settings to the maximum setting of 10. The display is a white color and I set the brightness to 10 as well. The radio is readable most of the time even with the Sun light on the display. Only in direct sun light is the display unreadable. I can live with that.

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