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Crime Prevention - Home Burglary

How to prevent burglaries from your home

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Crime prevention is something that a lot of us ignore as don't expect it to happen to us. However for the unfortunate few who have been the victims of crime, many of them report having a heightened sense of awareness after the crime so that it doesn't happen again. Although the majority of us will never be criminals sometimes it is necessary to think like a potential criminal to achieve crime prevention. Home burglary is quite a common crime and vigilance, alertness and common sense go a long way towards preventing this crime affecting us.

Home Threats

The key asset in preventing crime is your eyes. Be wary of any people who look out of place in and around your home. Don't be shy about asking them their business but do so in a polite fashion. Many times burglars will pose as repair-men or representatives of a utility company to gain access to your home, in this case always ask for identification and make sure their reason for entering your home is credible. In apartment complexes do not buzz any people in unless they are personally known to you or they have a valid reason for entering the complex.


Examine the home burglary opportunities that your house affords burglars and do something about them. For example:

  1. If your house backs onto a laneway or green area, it allows a burglar easy unnoticed access. Try to fix a security camera at this vulnerable point or build a high fence for protection.
  2. If you have a garden shed, you must never leave it unlocked as it will allow the burglar to get his hands on some useful tools to break in to your house.
  3. An alarm system is a good idea and will give you peace of mind while you are not in the house but be sure to tell some trusted neighbours that you have installed it as there is a recurring modern trend that people just assume an alarm system has been triggered by accident. Be sure to inform your friends and neighbours that if your alarm system does go off that it means a home burglary could very well be taking place and that they should do something about it. Some of the more advanced alarm systems will automatically contact the security services but it's good to have your neighbours looking out for you and you should return the favour. One of the alarm systems you should have is a driveway alarm system. It will alert you every time a burglary appears. If you need one, visit for the best ones.

Be Aware

Do not underestimate how opportunistic and devious a burglar can be. If there is a large social event like a wedding or birthday party or even a funeral that has been advertised with information that includes your address, then the burglar may take note that you and your family are unlikely to be at home and thus will pan to strike when you are out of town. Social networking sites are getting ever more invasive in the current climate and they too can reveal a lot about your whereabouts to a potential burglar. In order to practice crime prevention one should never reveal too much information about oneself in the media, particularly about location, or a burglar is likely to take advantage of your not at home status.

Favorite Time for Home Burglaries

Afternoon is the most common time for a burglar to strike and commit a home burglary as the homeowner is often at work or on a school run.


Never leave a house key in an obvious place like under a flower pot or entrance mat as this is the first place a burglar will look and is basically an invitation to get burgled.

Having a pet is sometimes a good deterrent against a home burglary as burglars are wary of disturbing animals as it is likely to draw attention to their crime. Check out the reasons why you should have a dog here

The best crime prevention advice is to have a good security system in place, this doesn't just refer to having a security camera or an alarm system. It means communication with your neighbours about the possibility of home burglary. It means opening your eyes to crime prevention and not assuming home burglary will never happen to you and it means taking some or all of the measures that have been described in this article.

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